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Lilith The Liberator

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Contrary to popular belief, the spiritual war is happening in the feminine principle.


Many in the magical community still cling to the traditional portrayal of Lilith as a succubus demoness, the fallen first wife of Adam, but her narrative is more complex and compelling than that. In the original mythology, Lilith is imbued with fierce independence and an unwavering demand for equality. 


However, her independence and refusal to conform to traditional gender roles led to her departure from Eden and eventual portrayal as a succubus demon. By portraying Lilith as a succubus, the narrative effectively demonizes her desire for equality and autonomy, perpetuating the notion that powerful women are dangerous or demonic, reinforcing paternalistic power structures. 


Through my carefully observed direct experience as an outsider occupying the shadows of society, I have come to reject the traditional portrayal of Lilith as a succubus demoness and instead recognize her as the embodiment of primordial nature itself. From this point of view, I observe the hermetic laws of nature, informed by the perennial Western dark feminine outsider,  a powerful symbol of dark feminine power and liberation.


I see the concept of the "dark feminine" as raw nature. That perspective is deeply rooted in many ancient mythologies, spiritual systems, and psychological theories. It signifies the primal and uncontrollable forces of nature and the unconscious mind. It is our most primal instincts: survival, procreation, and the raw emotions that come with them, such as anger, passion, jealousy, and desire.


In contrast, Eve is often portrayed as the idealized feminine figure, molded to reflect the archetypal narcissist and his false self. This portrayal of Eve as the false feminine of culture reinforces patriarchal power structures and maintains the status quo within the self and outside the self. In reality, Eve is the shadow of Lilith, not the other way around.


We can liberate Lilith by observing the shadow of Eve in our own lives and society. 


In the primal tapestry of Western creation mythology, these two feminine archetypes emerge—Lilith, the symbol of raw nature, and Eve, the embodiment of cultured femininity. These archetypal figures trace their roots to ancient times, yet their influence remains deeply ingrained in the psyche of Western society.


This struggle and the steps towards resolution underscore the importance of embracing the Lilith within, a step towards reclaiming the unfiltered, undiluted power of the feminine principle. To free the feminine principle from these shackles, we must, in a symbolic sense, murder Eve. Only through this sacrificial act can we restore Lilith to her rightful place and reinstate her as the reigning embodiment of the feminine. In the cosmic balance of 'as above, so below', it is time to bring the spirit of Lilith from the depths of the underworld back to the light of consciousness, reclaiming the inherent wildness and unfiltered power of feminine nature.


In a world where systems of power and oppression like governments, organized religion and academia threaten to lead us down a path of destruction and despair, it is more important than ever to return to the root and embrace the power of Lilith. 


Meet Chriselda

Shadow work is quite the buzz word these days and it seems like everyone is offering it. To me, it's essential that the facilitator understand the shadow from their direct experience. As a retired sex worker of 20 years, I embody it. I've lived it. this was never a part-time passion for me. it was and remains my entire life experience. as a consecrated gnostic priestess, I can assure you that all of my courses are filled with curriculum and learning that has been tested against my own life. It is what I put together to make sense of this mad world and am excited that I can now share it with all of you.

Hi! Larry the Devil here. I am Chriselda's personal assistant. We have had many, many adventures together, from the Vatican to the Texas State Capitol. If you need anything, please use the chat box to the bottom right of your screen or the contact page.


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