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Mystery School Dropout_edited.jpg

The mystery lies within us.
Confused about shadow work or how to do it? Do you wonder what it is & why do it? Have you already tried some of these online mystery schools and still feel hungry for more depth? Who is lilith, really? What is the feminine? What is the masculine? does your experience feel like an existential crisis? do you wonder How to organize the chaos that is your spiritual awakening to make better sense of it all?

Church on the B*Sides
is a course designed to organize this chaos.

I call it practical hermeticism.

What is practical hermeticism?
l, let's break it down. first of all, What is hermeticism?

As in the term hermetic seal, (a watertight/airtight seal), Hermetic derives from Greek via the Medieval Latin word hermeticus. When it first entered English in the early 17th century, hermetic was associated with writings attributed to Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom.

Hermetism, is a philosophical system primarily based on the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. These teachings are contained in the various writings attributed to Hermes, which were produced over a period spanning many centuries, and may be very different in content and scope

Thoth came before Hermes.


In essence, practical hermeticism is not just organized chaos, it ponders what right action to take with this esoteric knowledge. Knowledge that just sits in the mind without action is like fruit rotting on the vine! It champions individuality all while asking us to examine our place & responsibility in this encroaching dystopian society. (As above so below, as within so without)

this is the missing component in modern-day mystery schools.

"I've taken several shadow work courses and enrolled in online mystery schools, and although they were okay, they were not worth what I paid and left me feeling anxious, unfed, and more confused."

If I had an acre of land for every time I've heard something like this, I would have more land than bill gates!

Let's face it, All of us have been led behind the veils from different walks of life...

... and for very different reasons.


American novelist Thomas Wolfe said, “We are the sum of all the moments in our lives - all that is ours is in them: we cannot escape it or conceal it.”


We are Strangers converging around this proverbial, universal abyss called Hermeticism, the occult -- the esoteric, all of us daring to peer into what is hidden in the shadows.


The occult is experiencing a renaissance. many new-age gurus, teachers, and schools have popped up in our feeds, inviting us in. What was once profoundly forbidden in the west is now mainstream. If The old rebellion is becoming the status quo, what is the new rebelLion? Learning about the wonderful world of shadows, occult phenomena, archetypes, and alchemical symbols is fun, but what about the real world?


How can we take this ancient knowledge and apply it in order to understand modern society?

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Yo', I see you Hermes - trying to take my shine...

Don't hate me because I'm funnier than you.

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Well, that all sounds dandy, but I wanna know ... HOW does Church on the B*Sides Organize the primordial chaos?

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Enter Veil #1:

The 7 Hermetic Principles

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Enter Veil #2:

How has the feminine been weaponized, scapegoated, dismissed, demeaned, desegregated and relegated to the shadows in each of these hermetic principles as they are expressed in today's society?

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Where is The Feminine?

Using the 7 Hermetic Principles, we reveal & trace how nature / the feminine, has been degredaded, shamed, gaslit and discarded in the west, not just in history, but how this remains hiding in plain sight today.

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Enter Veil #3:

The war in the feminine

Where is Lilith?
Where is eve?

Finally, that which is furthest behind the veils is our investigation of the war happening in the feminine herself.

The war between Eve and Lilith.

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The entire point of understanding what the mystery is is to finally arrive here at your dark feminine integration.

What brought you here, anyway?

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No matter what life experience you are coming from, Church consistently centers on The feminine.

What has happened to her?

What is happening to her?

How to identify these phenomena as it hides in plain sight.

In this way, this course is especially for those who want to explore sacred (Lilith) feminine integration.

Please click the link below for a deeper dive.

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Are you Ready to take the Golden Pill?

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