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Murdering Eve:
the Liberation of Lilith Mentorship Program

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In "Murdering Eve: The Liberation of Lilith," I introduce an innovative approach to emancipating and reimagining the feminine principle in modern society. 

This process intersects the disciplines of the Seven Hermetic Principles, history, religion, psychology, media, sociology, politics, philosophy, and more to craft the “lens” of Lilith. By seeing the world and ourselves through the lens of Lilith, we are connecting with the perspective of nature–even our own nature.

 That is how I see Lilith: she is nature, while Eve represents our cultured feminine. Lilith is everything that is shamed, taboo, scapegoated, unacceptable. She is rage, sex, unbridled joy, jealousy, desire, love. She is within us and surrounds us, but she is shadowed by Eve.

Too long have our understanding and interpretations of femininity been shaped and defined by patriarchal narratives, confining the power of women within the narrow bounds set by male-centric ideologies. 

The feminine principle is flanked by both traditional right-hand path, male-centered religion, and now by the modern occult systems that have also primarily been created by men. Modern occult systems are supposed to facilitate a more open exploration of diverse perspectives and realities, especially about the feminine principle. They often emphasize personal growth, empowerment, and a recognition of the divine in all its forms. However, these systems, primarily designed by men, may only partially capture the nuances, complexities, and profound experiences that define the feminine principle. While men can empathize and strive to understand, they can't fully embody or comprehend the lived realities of women. These male-created systems may unintentionally reinforce or perpetuate outdated or patriarchal views, even within their efforts to be inclusive or revolutionary; therefore, these systems are not transcendent but instead controlled opposition. Thus, the liberation of the feminine principle demands a shift - it requires the feminine to be its own advocate, architect, and voice. 

It is time that she expresses her lived truth, articulates her own experiences, and redefines her own reality within these systems. The feminine must rise, not as an appendage or a mere topic of exploration but as a creator, a contributor, and a guide, truly defining and embodying her own narrative in the modern male-centered occult and beyond. 

This new perspective is not simply about rejecting or "murdering" the traditional Eve - the passive, obedient, and gentle female stereotype. It is about embracing and liberating Lilith - a symbol of strength, wisdom, independence, and unapologetic womanhood often overlooked in religious and historical contexts.

"Murdering Eve: The Liberation of Lilith" is a clarion call for abandoning archaic perspectives and adopting a fresh, inclusive, and holistic understanding of femininity in this encroaching dystopia. It challenges the existing paradigms and encourages us to perceive the feminine principle through the lens of contrast and equilibrium with the laws of nature, not patriarchy and the broken laws of man. By acknowledging and freeing Lilith, we allow the primordial, potent feminine energy to break free from the chains of societal norms and expectations, enabling it to express itself in its fullest, most authentic form.

But the liberation of the feminine principle is not merely a women's issue but a human issue. We need to understand that the suppression of the feminine is the suppression of vital human potential. We live in an era that yearns for innovation, creativity, empathy, and collaborative leadership - all characteristics embodied by the feminine principle. We empower women and humanity by liberating and integrating these traits into our social fabric and the individual.

"Murdering Eve: The Liberation of Lilith" is more than a paradigm shift - it is a revolutionary journey towards an evolved understanding of the entirety of the feminine principle and its immeasurable potential. 

It is a voyage towards a future where the strength of a woman is recognized and celebrated, where the feminine principle is no longer confined but liberated, transforming the world as we know it. 

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