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It is usually (not always) after a shocking experience that one seeks the left-hand path, which leads back to the hidden root of all things.
Church on the B*Sides is not a course.
It is a mentorship program investigating the root of the self and the world, tethering from the ancient feminine to the modern feminine.

In this context, I call this root Lilith, as I see her as the most primordial, purest raw truth of natural law.
She is not the succubus demoness but rather nature herself.

As mentioned on the Church on the B*Sides page on my website, "the mystery" is the ubiquitous feminine who has always hidden in plain sight since humankind began creating what we call culture.
Lilith is centered in Church on the B-Sides because, after 20 years in the mine-field front lines of sex work, it has become clear to me that the spiritual war is happening in the feminine, not the masculine.
The feminine is who was first conquered and divided.


While men began their quest toward self-actualization, wOmankind were the first to be trapped by the false morality of mankind and she has been uprooted from her own nature ever since.

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Church on the B-Sides Social Posts (1400 × 1400 px)(64).png
Lilith in Blue

The unveiling is here.

Time to warrior it up.

That's the thing about the search for Truth. We all start out at different points, but eventually find our way to the same understanding and in my case it was that  NATURE IS THE TRUTH.


Her LAWS are ALL THERE IS. They are unbreakable. Unchangeable. No matter what era or age, we can always count on the sun and the moon to rise. No matter what cultural differences, fire is still hot. No matter what religion, death still awaits.


We are all coming from different lived experiences, but if we are paying attention to our own lives the way a scientist peers closely into the physical phenoomea of matter, we will eventually be drawn into something that is unfathomable, something so far beyond us.

Below is a tree that show some of the paths that have searched out my work. Please click those that might pertain to you. Though, I do think reading through them all will give you a sneak peek behind the veil of experiences you may not have ever had yourself. You never know, you might actually relate!

Mystery School Dropout_edited.jpg

Are you ready to uncover your own mystery?

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