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Not ready to commit to a

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I am now taking appointments.


Lilith Medicine is the antidote our era desperately needs, cutting through the superficial treatments that merely mask symptoms instead of tackling the root causes affecting us all. In a world where integrity and authenticity are increasingly elusive, this is your lifeline. It's the tough love society needs—a powerful balm, not a band-aid.


My one-on-one sessions are designed to bring you back to unfiltered truth. I aim to guide you straight to the core of whatever challenges you face, offering genuine compassion instead of enabling your issues. If you're not prepared to confront your deepest self, this service isn't for you.

"When  I tell people about Chriselda’s work, I always describe her as a  “seer.” What Chriselda does is not the same as the work of a psychic or  “intuitive,” its essentially its own category. Her strength is in her  ability to help people (myself included) to “see” things more clearly  and accurately than anyone else I’ve met in my lifetime. Chriselda has a  unique ability to cut through all of the nonsense that’s clouding our  vision in order to truly see the core Truth behind what’s causing  personal, interpersonal and societal imbalance. She’s able to shine a  light on what we NEED to understand (not necessarily what we WANT to  understand) and lights a fire under everyone she comes into contact  with, catalyzing self-knowledge and necessary change.

I highly recommend  Chriselda’s services to those seeking self-knowledge who aren’t afraid  to reach far outside of their comfort zones in the process."


- Heather Eland, Astrology with Heather

@astrologywithheather on Instagram

@astrologywithheather on Instagram

However, if you're in a transformative phase, have hit rock bottom, or seek wisdom from someone who's been through the trenches, then let's connect. Crossing this threshold requires bravery—you'll need to shed old layers for new growth. While I might not take myself too seriously, I am deeply committed to this work and to providing a safe space where you can reemerge reborn.


If you're here, the call of the dark goddess is already whispering your name. Book when you're ready; transformation awaits



Disclaimer: I am not a certified therapist, nor do I aspire to be one. I hold the view that contemporary psychological establishments are overly influenced by cultural biases and have strayed from a foundation of integrity. However, if you have found a licensed professional who genuinely supports your journey, consider me as the forest witch who can access spaces they can't reach. My transparency is both for legal protection and spiritual authenticity. It's my responsibility to be clear about my identity and limitations.

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