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When I realized years ago that the spiritual war was happening in the feminine between Eve and Lilith, I thought for one second that maybe they could reconcile.

They cannot.

The truth is, the more shadow work women do, the more they must LET GO of Eve. They must, in essence, murder Eve. Doing this is not an easy task. Western women have been conditioned to embrace and mirror this martyring, toxic feminine to survive or thrive.

Even today's feminism is missing the mark because it has lost the plot.

Enrolling October, 2023

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Return to the root. Know thyself.
A summer of study and initiation.

What is the problem?


The problem is something that's been hiding in plain sight for a long time:



What is the solution?


Becoming aware of this rootlessness.


Then, what is the action? 


After becoming aware of it, unpacking it:


When we are rootless, we become nothing but wind. And when all we are is wind, we are easily swayed, brainwashed and manipulated. It is easy to trick a people with an identity crisis, and that identity crisis comes with rootlesness.


This is true for those who have fallen out of touch with their original culture, whether by forced displacement or willful migration. What happens as a result of this is that those rootless people will look to those who are rooted (or at least perceived to be rooted). Then they will become envious and covetous. And then, they will steal. This is true both individually and culturally. It is the envy of Lilith.


This rootlessness can be seen everywhere today.


But one group has gotten lost in the middle of our current identity crisis: WOMEN. 


Women were the first to be colonized when the power split them in two: the madonna and the whore. This was when the feminine started warring with itself. 


Conquer and divide is the first rule of war. It is easier to overcome your enemy once this is done. It is easier to control a people when they are divided. The same goes for an individual; it is easier to control a person once they are fractured. That is the essence of the "as above, so below."


The feminine has been looking for her root ever since, whether she knows it or not. This is why the first rule is to bring her to awareness.


Now homeless and wandering about without her root, she is easily manipulated and molded into something that will enable the Power which split her in two in the first place. In this case, that power is her enemy, but she is unaware of this. Because she is unaware--living in amnesia--she marries him.


She is brought into his home, and she will be happy because she is tired of the wild. She was vulnerable and scared.


And now she is living not under the law of nature but under the law of man, from which he has perched himself up high above his own law, subjecting everyone else to it.


So she becomes a mirror for him, only a reflection of himself, not having a SELF of her own. Generation after generation, the birth of daughter after daughter, the collective SHE is now living in so much amnesia that the amnesia itself becomes The Way. All along The Way, though, there are moments of remembering, like a firefly floating over somewhere in the dark. 


It was there, then it was gone.


It is a peripheral experience that she doesn't give much thought to because her living is for, and with, this new law of man...a rootless law full of wind.


But one day, an event occurs for her that forces her into her body and out of the air. It is usually a profound loss of something. It shocks her into another level of awareness, into suffering... something that is like a dark night. Suddenly she is aware that there is another story of mystery, terror, insecurity, fear... a thrust into the wilderness once again. A wilderness her ancestor knew so long ago before her ancestor was brought into the house of the new law.


And although this is suffering, it is more true and real and it brings with it a craving for its bitter medicine, like a smelling salt snapping her out of her sleep--a sleep induced by her mother, that was induced by her mother's mother...... and now what?


She is being called home, back to the root. It is the root that remembers her true identity, and in this true experience are levels of initiations, rites of passage for her to KNOW HERSELF. ... FOR  Woman that has long been veiled and buried underneath the intergenerational rubble of WOMAN, the consequences of the conquer and divide, the war within Herself. ... the thing to be rediscovered is her true identity... the one co-opted and used by the power to keep himself living on high, like an overlord over nature herself.


In this post-modern time, the feminine is all at once in recovery while living in dystopia. How does she exist simultaneously as the root in a society that lives in wind?


Do her ancient earth initiations have any place here in the wind?


Or, are these rites of passage still here but just look different?


This is what Mary Magdalene in Dystopia will uncover and explore.

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