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Welcome to The Lilith Academy – a place where the archaic converges with the contemporary, where the material world intersects with the spiritual realm, and where the hushed whispers of Mother Nature herself find a powerful voice.


The Lilith Academy is not a conventional online school but an ingenious blend of academia and mystery school. This novel approach considers both the masculine and feminine modes of learning, fostering a balance that truly enhances the overall education experience. But how does this synergy of contrasting paradigms manifest itself, and why does it matter?


Firstly, consider Lilith, who is at the heart of the curriculum. As taught here at The Lilith Academy, Lilith symbolizes nature herself. She is omnipresent within all courses and programs, silently guiding our discourse and curiosities. Her elusive yet pervasive presence serves as a touchstone for the Academy's ethos, embodying the seamless integration of diverse learning styles.


The essence of Lilith is unveiled through a method that ties together the ancient and modern. By acknowledging the intrinsic wisdom in ancient traditions and juxtaposing them against contemporary understandings, we elucidate the ways in which Lilith, nature, is hiding in plain sight yet present in our day-to-day. We uncover the layered complexities of her current state, what humanity has done to her over the ages, and how we continue to influence her fate on the fringes.


Each course at The Lilith Academy is a unique fragment of this vast mosaic. Every lesson is structured as an exploration of the interplay between the immaterial and the material, the spiritual and the practical. By consciously integrating the methodologies of mystery schools with the robustness of academic learning, we create a profound learning environment that stirs both the intellect and the soul.


For instance, a course might begin with studying ancient scriptures or philosophical texts, offering spiritual insights and wisdom. The same course will then pivot to explore how these ancient lessons have modern applications, how they intersect with contemporary thought, and how they can offer solutions to present-day challenges. Through this intricate weaving of ancient wisdom with modern reality, students are given a richer, more meaningful learning experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional education.


The flagship course is called Murdering Eve (formerly known as “Church on the B*Sides). It is the Magnum Opus, the all-encompassing, seven-month mentorship program designed to identify, Liberate, and integrate Lilith, and is the ultimate work at the Lilith Academy. 


The Lilith Academy is more than an online school; it's a revolutionary approach to learning. It seeks to bring together the halves that society has arbitrarily cleaved apart – the spiritual and the academic, the mystical and the practical, the masculine and the feminine. This is not simply a place where students learn; it is a place of revelation, an arena for enlightenment, a cradle where curiosity is nurtured, questions are encouraged, and the quest for knowledge is the ultimate journey. Here, the wisdom of the past meets the present innovations, shaping a unique path toward the future.


Here, we rediscover the magic of learning, seek out the hidden in plain sight, and find a space for harmonious dialogue between the ancient and the modern. Enrolling in any of my programs or courses is the beginning of a deconstruction effort; a contribution of your own piece to the collective remembering in the meta-picture. You will Embark on a journey of discovery, enlightenment, and transformation, tethered to the wisdom of ages past and the innovations of the present. 

All of you have to do is show up and DO THE WORK.


Welcome to your journey. Welcome to The Lilith Academy.

Why Enroll at the Lilith Academy?

In an era defined by rapid advancements in technology and artificial intelligence, an epoch where we are increasingly disconnected from our roots, The Lilith Academy emerges as an essential institution. This platform serves as an integral cornerstone to re-anchor ourselves, recognize the primordial material we are built upon, and cultivate an intimate relationship with the feminine aspects of our nature that are often neglected or undermined.


As Westerners, we are considered among the most rootless people on the planet. We find ourselves straying further and further away from our origins, our primordial essence, drawn into the accelerating vortex of artificial intelligence and advanced technology. Our lives are heavily woven into the fabric of technology and AI, a reality that brings myriad conveniences and fosters an unprecedented estrangement from our origins and natural selves. This detachment and rootlessness are expanding, gradually pushing us away from our innate ties with the natural world.


Yet, amid this digital cacophony, Lilith beckons us towards her. To center Lilith, nature herself, in our learning journey is a conscious act of resistance against the growing imbalance in our lives. This imbalance, the discord between our fast-paced, tech-centric existences and our inherent need for a symbiotic relationship with nature, threatens to undermine the very foundation of our well-being.


Ancient wisdom and indigenous cultures have long cautioned us against such imbalance. 


They've underscored that living in harmony with nature is not a romanticized ideal but a necessity for survival, a bulwark against self-destruction. The systematic dismissal of this wisdom over time has resulted in a world teetering on the brink of crisis, threatening all that is beautiful and vital for our continued existence.


At The Lilith Academy, we heed these age-old warnings. We emphasize the need to reacquaint ourselves with Lilith and her laws, the laws of nature. In a world governed by transient man-made laws, we uphold that the perennial laws of nature are the only true constants. They have governed life on earth long before humanity's ascent and will continue to do so long after. The man-made orders we create, regardless of their grandeur, are fleeting and susceptible to entropy. They often serve to reinforce power structures that inevitably collapse, leading to disorder.


Understanding Lilith is to comprehend the underpinning essence of our existence. By understanding Lilith, we tap into the constants of existence, the underlying principles that govern life and the universe. As we learn her laws, we find a roadmap for rekindling our connection with the natural world, for remembering what we've forgotten in our technological stupor. It offers us a way to rebalance, to re-root ourselves, and thus, to materialize the feminine aspects of our nature in the world. 


The Lilith Academy is not just important; it's indispensable in these rootless times. It provides a refuge for those seeking to journey back from their amnesia back to their origins. It serves as a beacon guiding us back to balance and reminding us of the ultimate truth – that we are, and always will be, children of nature, subject to her laws. Enroll in our courses today and embark on this journey of self-discovery and reconnection with the primal essence of existence.


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Murdering Eve:
The Liberation of Lilith Mentorship Program


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Mary Magdalene in Dystopia Salon: Enrolling, October 2023

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